Today, the world’s natural resources are under increasing pressure due to an overgrowing world population, estimated at ≈ 9.5 billion people at around 2050. In order to prevent scarcity of essential “economic goods” for global human mankind like, energy, food and water our green biomass production at planet Earth has according to the FAO to grow with 70% in order to avoid a tremendous catastrophe for humanity. This manuscript describes the nowadays perspectives for the 21ste century where a seaweed based economy can assist the failing terrestrial agricultural food production system. Thereafter the prior described global status of our planet and the nutritional and health status of its inhabitants are major research issues of the Blue-Green technology foundation. Notice that there is overall a close relation between energy, food, nutritional quality and health in our human society.




At present -the 21st century- the world is in a protracted crises and human mankind has to dissolve a variety of numerous problems in order to survive as a species. Never before human mankind has on a global scale according to Darwinian thought of “the struggle for survival” been under such negative selective pressure as a species. To mention briefly, at present our global Food- & Energy production system completely fails for the following reasons and constraints: