1.  The World population started after WO-II with an unfettered population growth due to the fossil energy driven “Green-revolution” by a tremendous expansion of our agricultural production. As a consequence UN predictions estimate that around A.D. 2050 around 9.4 billion people will live at our planet (Figure 3).


Our failing terrestrial agricultural system:

Human food production system is at a crossroads all for at least three decades since the “Green revolution” cannot keep in pace with the tremendous growth of the world population. Although on a global scale the total amount of food expressed in energy units is at an affordable level of 2790 kcal/caput/day at this moment the depth of hunger expresses our global failing terrestrial food production system simply by mentioning the facts:

  • Of our global population of ≈seven billion people the parameter “Depth of Hunger” exemplifies that around one billion people are starving with a diet < 200 kcal/caput/day.
  • Secondly, between one and two billion are undernourished which refers to the condition of people whose dietary energy consumption is continuously below a minimum dietary energy requirement for maintenance a healthy life and carrying out a light physical activity.
  • Third, strange enough ≈one billion are obese (BMI range 30-40) which emphasizes that at present on a global scale there is enough feed available to feed the world but large disparities in the distribution of food obstruct the fight against hunger.

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